Best AR-15 Foregrip Bipods

The grip area of your AR is critical for mobility, shot placement, and overall effectiveness with your weapon.

Given the customizability of the AR platform, we’ve seen some real innovation in the world of combination grip/bipods (sometimes called “grip pods’ by the tacticool set) that give your rifle another layer of capability. Plus – for most shooters – having a single piece of gear that can fill 2 roles is an easy sell.

Bipod grips combine your standard vertical grip with a set of retractable legs to give you a more stable shooting platform (similar to shooting prone) for both close and long-range shooting.

The legs support your weapon and eliminate the weight/strain from your arms, essentially acting as a mobile rifle rest.

This little change can increase shooting efficiency by adding stability without sacrificing grip area – you can use the grip when on the move and have a stationary platform at the ready. Quite the trick!

This mix of mobility and stability obviously isn’t possible with a grip or bipod alone, which makes a bipod foregrip one of the most versatile and useful additions to your AR.

The combined flexibility an AR 15 bipod foregrip offers is ideal—especially if you’ve got a number of additions to your AR (extended mags, scope, rifle sling, etc.)

Many rifles tend to pick up weight over time – more features offer more capabilities—but if you don’t want your shooting performance to suffer due to all those upgrades & additions the logical next step is a lightweight foregrip bipod to lighten the load on your arms, back, and shoulders when at the range.

By Michael Crites

Michael Crites is el jefe around here. He has spent more than 30 years shooting, learning about guns, and collecting firearms old and new. He holds his Oregon Concealed Handgun License, and enjoys testing products in the back 40 of his farm.

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