A Long Term Review of the PSA PA-15

Palmetto State PA-15 (4)

In today’s review, we’ll be diving deep into the world of affordable, American-made firearms as we explore the Palmetto State PA-15 rifle. Known for its balance of value and performance, the PA-15 has become a popular choice for those looking to enter the AR-15 market without breaking the bank — but does it really stand… Continue reading A Long Term Review of the PSA PA-15

The Best .224 Valkyrie Rifles in 2023

The .224 Valkyrie rifle is fairly new to the market, only introduced commercially a few years ago, but it has nonetheless proved appealing to many modern sporting rifle users and competitive shooters – and for good reason. Taking advantage of better ballistics with a flatter trajectory and less drift, the “Valk” is capable of delivering… Continue reading The Best .224 Valkyrie Rifles in 2023

The Best 6.8 SPC Rifles

What is the 6.8 SPC and what makes it exciting? Designed to essentially split the difference between the 5.56 and 7.62 NATO as an intermediate cartridge, the caliber is interesting, brings a lot to the table, and coupled with the right rifle for the round, is exceptionally capable. We look at the cartridge, break down… Continue reading The Best 6.8 SPC Rifles

Recce Rifle Ultimate Guide

Guide to Everything AR In general, the Recce (pronounced: “Wreck-E”) Rifle has been something of the Bigfoot or Loch Ness Monster of the AR-15 world for the past quarter-century. However, going past the basic “enhanced carbine” concept — theorized originally by the country’s most elite special operations commandos —  the platform has graduated to a… Continue reading Recce Rifle Ultimate Guide

The Best 6.5 Creedmoor Rifles


The Bergara B14 HMR is the best 6.5 Creedmoor rifle for most people. You get one of the best barrels in the game coupled with a highly adjustable stock and a super light 3 lb trigger pull. It’s not cheap or light — costing 4x lower-end rifles and weighing in at 9.5 lbs — but if you want… Continue reading The Best 6.5 Creedmoor Rifles

The Best Sniper & Precision Rifles

What is the best precision rifle? Sniper and precision rifles are mostly enjoyed by target shooting enthusiasts and hunters. While you can’t get the top-of-the-line rifles utilized by special forces in the military, there are plenty of civilian rifles that are ideal for these purposes. Let’s break down some of the best sniper and precision… Continue reading The Best Sniper & Precision Rifles

Top .308 Rifles of 2023: Unleash Your Potential

When Uncle Sam when looking for a lighter .30-caliber round than the ‘Ought-Six they wanted similar ballistic performance in a smaller cartridge. The Army’s T65 cartridge eventually landed at 7.62x51mm length, the NATO standard for both the semi-auto rifle and machine guns in 1954. With the specs for the cartridge already commercially available, Winchester beat… Continue reading Top .308 Rifles of 2023: Unleash Your Potential