What is Shotgun Fit & How Important Is it?

Guide to Shotgunning Without the traditional sights found on rifes, effective shotgun shooting relies more on fit than other kinds of long guns, but what does “fit” mean and just how important is it? Gun fit is certainly an important factor in effective shotgunning, but maybe less important than some people contend. We all know… Continue reading What is Shotgun Fit & How Important Is it?

The 5 Shotgun Types

Guide to Shotgunning Since their introduction in the 16th century, shotguns have been built in a huge variety of designs, evolving from early muzzleloading configurations to embrace the introduction of percussion ignition in the 19th century, adding a hinged breech in the 1830s, and eventually, with the advent of modern self-contained cartridges that includes primer,… Continue reading The 5 Shotgun Types

What is the CMP?

Gun Basics The Civilian Marksmanship Program is a little-known government-chartered organization that aims to carefully cultivate youth firearms safety and training across the nation, and they fund it by selling Army surplus rifles and pistols to the public. Here’s why they do it and how to get in on the program while it lasts.

5 Simple Rules for Selecting Your First Shotgun

Guide to Shotgunning The AR-15 is on everyone’s lips these days, with the proliferation of established brands and up-and-comers entering the black rifle game all the time, but the oldest of firearms — the humble shotgun — remains incredibly useful, versatile, and downright fun. With a scattergun you get a firearm that will chew through… Continue reading 5 Simple Rules for Selecting Your First Shotgun

ARs, Aluminum & Anodizing: Three Bound Mice

Guide to Everything AR The third-most abundant element on the planet, aluminum is used in tens of thousands (if not millions) of everyday objects, but it’s not the easiest material to produce. In order to achieve the stability, oxidation resistance, and strength it’s known for it needs to be combined with other minerals in a… Continue reading ARs, Aluminum & Anodizing: Three Bound Mice

3 Things to Do Before You Take That Used AR Home

Guide to Everything AR Unless you assembled your upper and lower and plan to build your rifle from the ground up, chances are you purchased (or plan to purchase) a complete rifle, and with millions of used ARs on the market, it’s certainly reasonable to pick up a used rifle to save a few bucks. … Continue reading 3 Things to Do Before You Take That Used AR Home

AR Barrels Explained: From Basics to Bores to Ballistics

Guide to Everything AR While most, the business end of their AR-15 just involves “the barrel” — but that hollow steel tube is a pretty astonishing product of manufacturing prowess, both straightforward and decidedly nuanced. If you’re serious about your AR’s accuracy and performance (or want to be) you could do worse than studying the… Continue reading AR Barrels Explained: From Basics to Bores to Ballistics

AR Gas Systems Explained: Pistons, Ports, & DI Glory

Guide to Everything AR Every autoloading AR-15 has an action that is gas-operated, meaning it uses exhaust gases from the spent propellant to work the bolt. To help clarify this often murky ground we’ll cover the world of gas systems, how they work, and the realities of ports and gas system lengths.

Bullet Sizes, Types, & Calibers

Modern small arms ammunition can be confusing due to the myriad of common types, calibers, and sizes involved, but with a little research, navigating the “bullet aisle” at your local gun store is a snap. We’re here to hold class on the essentials. This article is part of our series on Gun Basics. If you’re… Continue reading Bullet Sizes, Types, & Calibers