Best Shooting Tripods: Hunting & Precision Game Changers

As a hunter and provider, there is no worse feeling than knowing you just made a poor shot on an animal due to a lack of stability. As hunters, we want to make the most ethical shot possible so the animal doesn’t suffer, and that begins with a stable shooting position. That’s why many hunters… Continue reading Best Shooting Tripods: Hunting & Precision Game Changers

Best Shooting Sticks: Elevate Your Hunting Game

While U.S. hunting participation has declined by almost half since the 50s, more than 11 million Americans participate in hunting activities today — taking more than 147 million trips annually — so hunting remains a very popular sport. While often not the first piece of kit that comes to mind when building out your bag,… Continue reading Best Shooting Sticks: Elevate Your Hunting Game

The Best Truck Gun Racks in 2023

If you regularly travel with a firearm, you know the importance of keeping it secured. Not only to protect the gun, scope, and people inside the vehicle but also to obey local laws. Thankfully, many products can help to meet these requirements. However, some products are significantly better than others — and some designs simply… Continue reading The Best Truck Gun Racks in 2023

The Best Dry Fire Training Systems in 2023

Firearm training is the most critical aspect of owning a firearm, primarily for self-defense. If you are not confident in your gun handling skills, you endanger everyone around you, including yourself. However, going to the range and using live fire ammunition is expensive. Some ranges will not allow you to practice drawing from your holster… Continue reading The Best Dry Fire Training Systems in 2023

Tyrant Designs Reviewed

Chicago-based Tyrant Designs’ custom AR-15 and aluminum handgun parts will be familiar to anyone who prefers a custom look to their firearms. They are the creators of the skeletonized aluminum AR-15 grip, which many companies have now begun to copy thanks to its light weight and flashy look. Tyrant Designs was made official in 2015,… Continue reading Tyrant Designs Reviewed

Magpul DAKA Review

Magpul has made a serious name amongst firearms fans due to the quality of its products and the innovative ways they solve everyday challenges. Their series of buttstocks are standard on hundreds if not thousands of AR builds, and their M-Lok rail system is an industry-standard. Magpul doesn’t stand still, and their DAKA gear is… Continue reading Magpul DAKA Review

The Best Pistol Cases

Part of being a safe and responsible gun owner is storing your firearms securely, especially pistols. You’ll also want a convenient and easy way to transport them and to keep them safe from the elements and from getting scratched and scuffed. Both of these problems can be handily solved with a high-quality pistol case. Today,… Continue reading The Best Pistol Cases