Big List of Gun Manufacturers & Online Gun Stores

Below we have compiled a list of firearm manufacturers (both American and international) as well all our recommended places to buy guns online. It is not all-encompassing, however, we’re covering major brands, categories (rifles, shotgun, handguns/pistols, etc.) and retailers we think are reputable and reliable. Click on the company name or logo and it will… Continue reading Big List of Gun Manufacturers & Online Gun Stores

Who invented the first gun? A brief history of firearms.

Weaponry and humans have a long history. Weapons were used as far back as 400,000 BC. Throughout human history, they have been used for hunting, for sport, and for both law enforcement and criminal activities. Weapons have created entertainment, envied collections, and self-defense strategies for as long as there has been written history. Weapons have… Continue reading Who invented the first gun? A brief history of firearms.

Gun Wound Ballistics Data

Resources for understanding wound ballistics We want to make you aware of the wealth of wound ballistics information available to you from sources other than newsstand gun magazines. Our objective is to provide you the knowledge tools you need to fully understand the qualities a bullet must have in order to be reliably effective in… Continue reading Gun Wound Ballistics Data

FBI Handgun Wounding Factors

Below you will find a complete reproduction of the FBI’s “Handgun Wounding Factors and Effectiveness” report. This is a useful document for any shooter as it details the FBI’s thinking and policy on the deployment of lethal force via handgun.  S. Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation  HANDGUN WOUNDING FACTORS AND EFFECTIVENESS  FBI ACADEMY… Continue reading FBI Handgun Wounding Factors

The Best Gun Reference & History Books for Gun Enthusiasts

What are the best books for a firearms enthusiast? From collecting and categorizing to long-range shooting and cleaning, there’s a book for basically every area of guns and their history. Below we’ve provided links to the most popular gun books – which cover the history of firearms, current technology, valuations, gunsmithing, and hunting.  Blue Book… Continue reading The Best Gun Reference & History Books for Gun Enthusiasts

Firearm Statistics

Table of Contents NICS Background Checks The FBI’s National Instant Criminal Check System (NICS) is the system used by FFLs to process background checks for gun buyers, and the FBI does a fantastic job of reporting and breaking down NICS data. We’ve used that data to provide a high-level look into gun sales. Granted, the… Continue reading Firearm Statistics

A Firearms Glossary

Gun Basics References to firearm condition standards are those that have been established by the National Rifle Association regarding the physical status of antique weapons  ACP: Abbreviation for automatic colt pistol. Action: A firearm’s working mechanism (typically the receiver or frame and breech bolt) that facilitates its firing and loading/unloading. There are a variety of… Continue reading A Firearms Glossary