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In general, the Recce (pronounced: “Wreck-E”) Rifle has been something of the Bigfoot or Loch Ness Monster of the AR-15 world for the past quarter-century. However, going past the basic “enhanced carbine” concept — theorized originally by the country’s most elite special operations commandos —  the platform has graduated to a fully-evolved class of rifles.

Bringing their own mature sheet of characteristics with them, they offer today’s savvy firearms owner something that goes past the essential AR and on to something more exceptional: a multitool in modern sporting rifle format.

Below is my list of the best RECCE rifles for 2022. I list the best choices in terms of value, performance, design, and cost.

Click on the name to head to the product page, read reviews and check prices or skip ahead to the list of rifles.

By Michael Crites

Michael Crites is el jefe around here. He has spent more than 30 years shooting, learning about guns, and collecting firearms old and new. He holds his Oregon Concealed Handgun License, and enjoys testing products in the back 40 of his farm.

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