A Guide to Shotgun Chokes

Chokes are fantastic tools for modern hunting and target shooters to improve performance. If you want to shoot longer range more effectively with your shotgun, you will need a shotgun choke.

The question is, what kind of shotgun choke should you get? Well, there are plenty of choke tubes to choose from. Thankfully we will go over the different types of choke tubes so you know exactly what you are getting into.

This piece is part of our ongoing Guide to Shotgunning.

By Patrick Long

Patrick Long is a lifelong hunter who mainly chases whitetail, but also enjoys duck and turkey hunting. He has hunted game in various states throughout the U.S. and always enjoys hunting in new areas with new people. Patrick usually prefers his .308 while in the stand but is also an avid bow hunter. Patrick is the author of Omega Outdoors where he regularly publishes his hunting experiences, insights, and expertise. He is credited on many other websites.

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