A Guide To The Ruger 10/22

The Ruger 10/22 is an iconic and beloved rimfire rifle — easily one of the most popular on the market today. It’s affordable, reliable, and customizable to an unbelievable extent so that any Ruger 10/22 can become something truly and uniquely yours. Today, we’re going to take a deep dive into this classic rifle, from… Continue reading A Guide To The Ruger 10/22

Best .22LR Pistols of 2023: Find Your New Favorite Plinker

Once just a specialist category of firearms relegated primarily to smallbore Bullseye-style competition shooting and military handgun marksmanship training, there should be a least one .22 LR firearm in everyone’s collection. You can find the ammo anywhere, often at 10% of the price per round of larger-bore firearms. Plus, the current batch of .22LR autoloaders… Continue reading Best .22LR Pistols of 2023: Find Your New Favorite Plinker

The Best Rimfire Scopes

While bigger calibers get all the coverage, using a smaller caliber for plinking, practice, and target shooting can make your experience cheaper and easier while still keeping it fun. Even after more than a century since its invention, the rimfire cartridge is as popular as ever – and there’s a lot of innovation in these… Continue reading The Best Rimfire Scopes