SAAMI Accepts .30 Super Carry

Federal announced the new .30 Super Carry in January. Billed as something kind of in between the .380 and 9mm Para, it promises the performance of the latter while being slimmer than either, thus allowing an extra round or two in compact pistols chambered for it.

As Vista– the owners of Federal– also own Blazer, CCI, Speer, and Remington ammo, they can almost wish-cast new rounds into existence, provided the rest of the industry catches on and makes the guns. That’s where SAAMI comes in.

The key industry group just standardized the .30SC with a 100-grain bullet traveling at a velocity of 1,250 fps, a 115-grain bullet traveling at a velocity of 1,150 fps, and a Maximum Average Pressure of 52,000 psi.

With that, you can expect more guns to hit the market in the coming months chambered in the SC, or in 7.65mm Longue as some have observed.

By Michael Crites

Michael Crites is el jefe around here. He has spent more than 30 years shooting, learning about guns, and collecting firearms old and new. He holds his Oregon Concealed Handgun License, and enjoys testing products in the back 40 of his farm.

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