Real Avid AR15 Armorer’s Master Kit Review [Hands-On]

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The AR-15 is arguably the most common rifle Americans own, and then can be found at just about every LGS. ARs are also relatively simple to build on your own.

Whether you plan to buy or build an AR, someone has to have the proper tools to put it together. Thanks to the popularity of complete ARs — and the tendency for many gun owners to build their own — AR tools have proliferated in the past decade. There are simply too many AR-building tools on the market to differentiate one brand from another if you’re new to building.

AR tool kits offer everything you need to build a rifle, or you can piecemeal tools out. Like anything else in the firearms industry, there are high-quality tool options and some, uh, not-so-good options.

Thankfully, I have tested, and broken, untold numbers of tools and have a ton of experience building and tinkering with rifles. The Real Avid AR15 Armorer’s Master Kit is one of the best for any AR builder. We’ll show you why.

By Kenzie Fitzpatrick

Kenzie Fitzpatrick is a professional 3-gun competitive shooter, an NRA-certified Pistol Instructor & Range Safety Officer, a certified AR-15 Armorer, an NROI-certified Chief Range Officer, & host of the Reticle Up Podcast.

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