New S&W Legend 350 Wheelgun

For the past few years, Smith & Wesson has been debuting these almost comically large “X-frame” revolvers chambered in massive calibers that make .357 and .44 Magnums look like popguns. These guns include the Model 460 (so named as it is in .460 S&W Mag) and the Model 500 (.500 S&W Mag).

Well, the company has added a third branch to that tree with the new Model 350, chambered for Winchester’s new .350 Legend rifle cartridge. Designed to harvest deer out to 250 yards using a huge (up to 280 grain) bullet, the “straight-wall-cartridge-compliant”. 350 LGND is a serious slug with an overall length of some 2.25 inches, compared to the .44 Mag’s downright stumpy 1.61 inches.

Now the S&W Model 350 is a hand cannon, weighing over four pounds (71.5 ounces, but who’s counting?) and has a 7.5-inch barrel.

The seven-shooter tamps down on recoil via rubber grips and a ported barrel, but you can still be sure it is a thumper on the hand. Still, you know some guys will buy one, even if they run $1,599.

By Michael Crites

Michael Crites is el jefe around here. He has spent more than 30 years shooting, learning about guns, and collecting firearms old and new. He holds his Oregon Concealed Handgun License, and enjoys testing products in the back 40 of his farm.

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