The Best AR10 Lowers

Building an AR-10 from the ground up is a great way to save money, makes for a fun project, and is the best way to make sure you end up with something that really fits your needs once the rifle is finished and in your hands.

But just like all great houses have to start with a strong foundation, your AR10 is also going to need to be built on a solid platform if you’re going to get the most out of it. That’s where choosing a good AR10 lower comes in.

Lower receivers, in addition to being the actual serialized firearm as far as the ATF is concerned, are where your build will start, so it’s vital that you pick the right one for your needs and budget. This article is part of our ongoing Guide to Everything AR.

By Megan Kriss

Megan Kriss comes from a family steeped in gun culture and has been shooting since she was 5, with experience in everything from Scout-level turkey shoots to avid recreational shooting and is planning to try her hand at NRL22 in the future.

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