FBI is buying a lot of suppressors

In the past couple of weeks, two big Utah-based suppressor companies– SilencerCo and HUXWRX Safety Co. (formerly OSS Suppressors) — have announced seven-figure deals to supply the Feds with cans.

HUXWRX says their $4.9 million contract, to outfit the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team, is for their new 3D-printed FLOW 556k suppressor, which they say, “finished first in weight, unsuppressed and suppressed flash/spark, sound suppression, gas blowback, and user assessment testing.”

Meanwhile, SilencerCo details their own $1 million suppressor contract for the FBI HRT’s Long Range Precision fire weapon is a variant of the commercially-available Harvester EVO suppressor with user-configurable mounting options. While HUXWRX says their FLOW 556k is only available to law enforcement customers, SiCo has been selling their Harvester EVO to the public since last year, with a modest (for SiCo) retail of about $680 plus stamp.

For the record, both companies got flamed on their social media accounts immediately following the announcements, pushback that will surely make it hard for the suppressor makers to cash their checks. Good thing they are probably wire transfers.

By Michael Crites

Michael Crites is el jefe around here. He has spent more than 30 years shooting, learning about guns, and collecting firearms old and new. He holds his Oregon Concealed Handgun License, and enjoys testing products in the back 40 of his farm.

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