Best Concealed Carry Guns of 2023: All Calibers & Carry Styles

The decision on what makes for the best concealed carry gun is multifaceted and often totally individual. While many turn to the Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 Compact for its reliability and affordability, it’s crucial to understand the breadth of options available. The concealed-carry handgun landscape is vast, with choices spanning various sizes, styles, calibers, and price points. This is no easy road.

From the ubiquitous P365 to the affordability champion Taurus G3, each pistol offers specific advantages and caters to one aspect of the market or another.

Having fired thousands of pistol rounds in 2023 alone, I’ve highlighted some of my favorite handguns from this year. My journey has seen the approachability of the Ruger Security .380, the compact prowess of the Ruger LCR, and the surprising adaptability of the Glock 43, among others.

When selecting a concealed carry weapon, factors such as daily comfort, ease of use, and, of course, reliability play pivotal roles.  However, as someone who carries every day and is committed to consistent testing, my goal is to offer an overview of the category.

It’s essential to choose based not just on brand or performance but also on value and fit, ensuring a comprehensive set of criteria from which every potential gun owner can find a match that suits their preferences and budget.

Let’s dive in!

By Kenzie Fitzpatrick

Kenzie Fitzpatrick is a professional 3-gun competitive shooter, an NRA-certified Pistol Instructor & Range Safety Officer, a certified AR-15 Armorer, an NROI-certified Chief Range Officer, & host of the Reticle Up Podcast.

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