Episode 79: Will Renke & Ben Stacy, Partners of Forge Relations

Will and Ben are two of the most hardworking and humble guys I have worked with. Their company, Forge Relations, puts relationships before business and cherishes the connections they’ve made over the years. If you don’t know about Forge Relations, they’re the team that puts on the annual Gundies Awards!⁠ The Gundies Awards are the firearm community’s Voter Choice Awards.

In this episode, Will and Ben talk about how they met, formed Forge Relations, and what’s next for them in the future.

By Kenzie Fitzpatrick

Kenzie Fitzpatrick is a professional 3-gun competitive shooter, an NRA-certified Pistol Instructor & Range Safety Officer, a certified AR-15 Armorer, an NROI-certified Chief Range Officer, & host of the Reticle Up Podcast.

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