Reticle Up Episode 78: Billy Barton, USPSA Carry Optics Grandmaster

Billy Barton joined USPSA and started shooting competitively to get more proficient with his carry gun. Now, Billy is a GM-level Carry Optics Competitive Shooter and a firearms trainer/instructor.

In this episode of the Reticle Up Pod, Billy and I sit down to talk about his Carry Optics setup, how he improved his own shooting skills, and what classes he teaches. Billy is also the host of the Speed Up & Get Your Hits podcast, one of the best podcasts on becoming a better shooter and competitor. Learn more at and listen to his podcast at

By Kenzie Fitzpatrick

Kenzie Fitzpatrick is a professional 3-gun competitive shooter, an NRA-certified Pistol Instructor & Range Safety Officer, a certified AR-15 Armorer, an NROI-certified Chief Range Officer, & host of the Reticle Up Podcast.

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